• Bring on 2021!

    Here we are. A few days until the end of 2020. I watched a year in review and I'm feeling a little deflated by world news so I wanted to share som...
  • Where I'm at on December 12, 2020.

    Things are a little less frantic this December, thanks to the pandemic. No travel, no gatherings, no school potlucks.  And yet, I'm feeling a littl...
  • So, there's Ply Studio AND In The Ply? What gives?

    My vision for Ply Studio and In The Ply is that they reach across area codes, regions and maybe even countries at some point, to connect people with the inspiration to be creative - in whatever form or genre that takes. Ply is the bringing together - what a perfectly lovely word.
  • A lot changes in 50-ish days.

    I had a lot of fun and learned a lot doing my #100daychallenge. Here are a few of my top lessons.
  • 100 days, my #WIP & I'm in Uppercase!

    Ever thought about doing a #100dayproject? I'm jumping in so that I create more time each day to make art. Maybe I'll be noticed even more by publications like Uppercase!
  • Be You With A Vengeance.

    Be you with a vengeance and other stuff that I needed to write on this day in July 2020.
  • Listen, Make, Sing.

    A few things are on my mind today: World events continue to be heavy. What media we choose to consume can shed light while also inspiring creativi...
  • #sharetheuglystufftoo

    Do you take bad photos of great things? Me too! But I'm crawling out of my judgement and sharing anyway in a campaign I'm calling #sharetheuglystufftoo!
  • This I Believe.

    My Ply Studio manifesto is an important and grounding piece for me, as I get ready to open my creative arts studio and strive to create more time for art in my life.
  • Clean. Reuse (in your art). Sleep. Repeat.

    Here are my top 6 picks for making new art out of old things.
  • 16 Awesome Things.

    There are so many beautiful, light-filled, joyful things to read or look at that I thought I would share some in case you, too, are looking for something to bring a smile.
  • Time, oh time. Why is there never enough?

    If you take back control of your time, you will have more time to make art! Here's a few tips.