• Be You With A Vengeance.

    Be you with a vengeance and other stuff that I needed to write on this day in July 2020.
  • Listen, Make, Sing.

    A few things are on my mind today: World events continue to be heavy. What media we choose to consume can shed light while also inspiring creativi...
  • #sharetheuglystufftoo

    Do you take bad photos of great things? Me too! But I'm crawling out of my judgement and sharing anyway in a campaign I'm calling #sharetheuglystufftoo!
  • This I Believe.

    My Ply Studio manifesto is an important and grounding piece for me, as I get ready to open my creative arts studio and strive to create more time for art in my life.
  • Clean. Reuse (in your art). Sleep. Repeat.

    Here are my top 6 picks for making new art out of old things.
  • 16 Awesome Things.

    There are so many beautiful, light-filled, joyful things to read or look at that I thought I would share some in case you, too, are looking for something to bring a smile.
  • Time, oh time. Why is there never enough?

    If you take back control of your time, you will have more time to make art! Here's a few tips.
  • What are you making today?

    Let's fill ourselves up with dopamine from making stuff by hand - our bodies' natural antidepressant. Here are some great articles on the link between well-being and craft.
  • It's so .... January. Here's some light.

    Filling January with light, colour and good wishes. A few photos that make me smile and hope they do, you, as well.
  • Self-care is on my mind. You?

    This is the start of a the journey to building Ply Studio. I share my thoughts around why I am building a creative arts studio, what it means to me and what I hope it will mean to you.