Sassy Singles Handspun Merino Yarn

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Handspun yarn is a unique and luxurious treat for any fibre lover (and often for those that don't know a thing about yarn, too). 

Carmen Bohn (fibre artist, Ply Studio owner) created these single ply 100% merino yarns in every colour of the rainbow. They are deliciously thick and thin and perfect for all your weaving projects. So perfect, in fact, they are called 'weaving yarn'. You'll see why as soon as you pick up a skein and start your next wall hanging. They create the perfect blend of texture and ease. These yarns will take your weaving to the next level! 

These skeins are 75 yards of single ply 100% merino yarn from happy sheep in New Zealand, handspun in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Carmen's yarns are one of a kind and made in small quantities. If you require more of a yarn you like, please ask! Or if there is a colour you'd like but don't see here, let us know. She does custom orders.

About Carmen's yarn-making process:

Carmen creates all her own handspun yarns on a Majacraft Aura spinning wheel in her home and studio in Ottawa, which is pet-friendly and smoke-free (of course ... do we even have to say that anymore?). 

Her yarns go through a number of processes before they appear here for sale:

  • She chooses the fibres or fleece or fabrics that she wants to create a yarn out of;

  • She prepares the fibres/fleece/fabric for spinning by combing or carding them;

  • She sits down at her spinning wheel to create the first ply yarn, which is sometimes as far as she goes ... but more often, they are twisted back in the other direction with another yarn or thread (which is called 'plying');

  • The yarn is removed from the bobbin;

  • It is washed; 

  • Then hung to dry;

  • Then measured; 

  • Then photographed;

  • A listing is created; 

  • AND finally, you fall in love with it and buy it for your next amazing project! 

Treat yourself to some of this amazing yarn - you'll be so happy you did!