General FAQs

General FAQs

I can't wait to take an in-person workshop! When will the Studio open to the public?

Well ... I wish I had a good answer to that one! I will post in BIG, BRIGHT PINK letters on my homepage when I can finally swing my studio doors wide open and invite you all in. :) I *think* it might be safe to say fall 2021. Sigh.

I have 2 left thumbs. Are your workshops for me?

You have come to the right place! Taking one of our workshops will make you feel happy, accomplished and (we hope) like you can't quite believe you waited so long to do this! We have all levels of workshops from beginner to advanced - and they are always listed in the descriptions. While we are teaching ONLY online right now and you might find that more difficult to pick up a new skill while staring at a screen, we know that our workshop experiences are A+. See the testimonials on our homepage if you want some more evidence.

It seems like you should have a podcast to share all this cool stuff. Do you?

Funny you should ask! We have plans to start a podcast in the fall of 2021. The focus? Not quite determined yet but probably going to be a collaboration with at least one of my siblings (I've got 3!), who are all talented artisans and crafters. More info will be front and centre on my website and social when it's time!