Meet the Ply Studio Team!

Ply Studio is a labour of family love. So, why not properly introduce you to my very favourite members. After all, they are usually around in the background (literally).

First, Chris Straka is my husband. Let's call him the Chief Operations Officer. He is the mastermind behind the major renovation that happily houses the Studio. At times he works with all kinds of contractors, builders and other support to get the major construction done. At other times, he puts together shelving for all my yarn. I turn to him for emotional & logistical support as I build this business. I couldn't do any of this without him.

Everleigh is my oldest daughter. At 10 years old, she can knit, crochet, felt, weave, spin, draw, paint, sculpt and more like nobody's business. Honestly, she is amazing! Let's call her the Children's Programming Lead. She is already planning out her first workshop and we can't wait to invite you in for it, when the time is right!


Maeven is my youngest daughter and she is 8. Her free-spirited approach to life makes her the perfect candidate to take on the role of Studio Atmosphere Consultant. She always has an idea for what should be where and what colours are missing from a room. So far, Maeven has been happy making good use of various equipment and high-five-ing me as much as possible to keep me going.

Zadie is the 'cat next door' ... literally. She lives indoors in our home but may make a guest appearance in the Studio if the hours get too long and no one feeds her while I'm busy. She helps to keep us calm and I still occasionally collect her fur in the hopes of spinning it into yarn someday (so far, I haven't).

So, that's the family team. Oh, other than 2 VIP mentions ... my brother, Paul and my sister, Julie.

Paul doesn't live here in Ottawa, but rather, back in my home province of Saskatchewan. Paul and I conspired on my weaving looms a few years back. He hand crafts them in his workshop in Warman, SK. We have plans for many more beautiful products to add to the Ply Studio shop in the future, so stay tuned for news of that.

And Julie has been teaching kick-a$$ embroidery workshops for Ply and we have plans for many more types of workshops to come. She is a crafty genius and literally everything she touches is GOLD!