Ply Studio offers workshops in many different artistic adventures and we are always adding new offerings to the calendar. Currently available workshops are listed below.

If you have an idea about something you'd like to learn, let us know. If you see something being taught in-person but you live nowhere near Ottawa, reach out and ask if we can teach it virtually - we do that!
We can also work with you to host a private workshop with your friends in-person or virtually.
Please contact Carmen ( for pricing and more details.

Ply Studio workshops are great for ages 13+ and all skill levels. If there are workshops with specific requirements, those are always listed in the description.
basket making series fall 2021 Ply Studio

Basket Making: 3-Part Workshop Series - Fall 2021 (in-person)

cord yarn baskets workshop Ply Studio September 2021

Basket Making: Part 1 . Cord & Yarn - September 29th (in-person)

coiled textile baskets workshop Ply Studio October 2021

Basket Making: Part 2 . Coiled Textile - October 20th (in-person)


Basket Making: Part 3 . Crocheted Rope - November 17th (in-person)

beginner tapestry weaving workshop Ply Studio October 2021

Basic, Beautiful Tapestry Weaving: Beginner Weaving - October 2nd (in-person)

glass mosaics workshop Ply Studio

Luminous Lanterns: Glass Mosaics - October 5th & 12th (in-person)


Make Baskets Virtually! October 7th (online)


Knitting for the Uninitiated: Beginner Knitting - October 14th (in-person)

woven landscapes workshop Ply Studio October 2021

Weave Your World: Inspired Woven Landscapes - October 29th (online)

knit cowl workshop Ply Studio November 2021

Knit a Chunky Cowl: Beginner Knitting - November 2nd & 9th (in-person)


Let’s Weave Some S%#t: Intermediate Weaving - November 13th (in-person)

macrame earrings workshop Ply Studio

Let's Get Knotty: Macrame Earrings - November 27th (in-person)


Hand-Crochet a POUF! Beginner Crochet - December 4th (in-person)


Knit a Chunky Cowl In The Round: Advanced Beginner Knitting - December 11th (in-person)


‘I Made it By Hand’ Team-Building Wellness Workshops (cost varies by option; contact me for details)


Not Another Ho-Hum Party (cost varies by option; contact us for details)


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