16 Awesome Things.

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. We're hanging in there and really, should be grateful for so many things. But some days are hard, and there are just so many long days right now.

So, I've been loving anything that lifts my spirits. Of course, things that are art-y or craft-y always give me pause and put a smile on my face. But there are so many beautiful, light-filled, joyful things to read or look at that I thought I would share some in case you, too, are looking for something to bring a smile.


1. Wool and the Gang (particularly loving granny squares right now but there are all kinds of ideas here so keep making stuff!)
2. The Sorry Girls (how is it possible that watching DIY YouTube stars can be so enjoyable?)
3. Make your own earrings! (nothing will make you feel better than wearing your own pair of kick-a$$ earrings!)

4. Younion Meditation Studio offers amazing virtual sessions!
5. Saana Yoga offers daily classes on Instagram
6. Heather Robertson will kick your butt (in nice, short workouts that you can squeeze in when you need a break from the other things that are kicking your butt, like your kids)

Advice from hilarious (and brash) Moms:
7. Glennon Doyle on IG
8. Cat and Nat on IG

9. Pivot with Jenny Blake
10. How I Built This (NPR)
11. WorkLife with Adam Grant
12. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

My kids' favourite app right now:
13. Caribu (a lovely way for your kids to connect with family and friends while not being able to connect)

Other things:
​14. Shira Gill for closet and home organization
​15. CreativeLive online classes
16. Julie Nolke explains the pandemic to her past self!

Stay well, calm and positive. And keep crafting like it's nobody's business!

 - Carmen xo 

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