Where I'm at on December 12, 2020.

Things are a little less frantic this December, thanks to the pandemic. No travel, no gatherings, no school potlucks.  And yet, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. But for slightly different reasons than the typical Christmas rush. I've been counting down the days until Christmas, yes (mostly because my kids love to do so). But I've also been counting the days until I transition out of my day job at FCM and into my day/night/weekend job as the CYO of my own gig. 

In order to 'get to the other side', I've been creating a new website, building up my programming calendar for both online and in-person workshops, purchasing/ pricing/ photographing/ uploading inventory to my website, creating my physical studio space complete with furniture, equipment, supplies, decorative touches and coziness galore ... and more. Running your own business is a million big and little things all the time. I'm in a steep learning curve right now. But the truth is: I love it. 

The other truth is: I need to take the gas off a little.  I’ve been burning the midnight oil but it’s all just too much right now. So I have a few things up in the shop but more shop updates will come. 

I say, give yourself some grace when it comes to your Christmas shopping. What if you give yourself or someone you love a present 'just because' in the next few months? Why not enjoy spending time together/apart on December 25 while looking forward to receiving something special in the dark days of January or February? I know I WISH I had something I could savour a little more in the days following Christmas. 

OR you can buy one of my online workshops right up until the day they take place. I have 3 beginner weaving workshops coming up. 

My bet is that by January 9 some of you will be ecstatic to spend a few hours on yourself and away from your family. And certainly by January 16 there will be a whole bunch more who just wish that you had something to do for four hours while the rest of your people make themselves scarce. :)

If you need particular fibre supplies in order to take these workshops, you may not get them before Christmas. If you live in the Ottawa area and want to buy something and can pick it up, I’m more than happy to do curbside pickup for you. Just email me or leave a note when you checkout of my shop. 

I will have a full calendar of workshop offerings for you starting in January. I’m very excited to share with you ways that you can create, stay inspired and connected in 2021. Come along!

Now, I need to finish my Christmas decorating and preparations. And just sit and have a cup of tea. I hope you find some time for yourself today, too. 

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