Listen, Make, Sing.

A few things are on my mind today:
  1. World events continue to be heavy. What media we choose to consume can shed light while also inspiring creativity.
  2. It's Father's Day in one week. 
  3. Today is just the kind of day my Dad would have loved. 

So, here is my pick list for each of these topics so that you can take what you want, ditch what you don't and get on with your day!

The Jealous Curator podcast: I listened to another great episode of one of my favourite podcasts last night. Front and centre was the creation of art, but the conversation also touched on diversity and inclusion and I thought I would share it with you. Calida Rawles makes beautiful, water-y paintings that you will want to hop on over to Instagram to see. 

On the Dad front: For those of you celebrating a Dad next Sunday, I found this great round-up of DIY things to make or do for that special guy. Next year, Ply Studio will be there for you with a range of workshops to spark your creativity (or send your Dad to create his own adventure!). Video tutorials and online courses are also in the works! More soon!

Larry Bohn ❤️And on this beautiful, sunny Sunday (in Ottawa), I am thinking about my own Dad. It would have been his 72nd birthday today if he were still with us. Here's a song for him and for all the Dads out there, from one of his favourite bands. Grab a tissue.

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend.

​- Carmen xo

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