Bring on 2021!

Here we are. A few days until the end of 2020. I watched a year in review and I'm feeling a little deflated by world news so I wanted to share some GOOD news from my end. I also wanted to offer up some ideas for those of you that might be looking for something to look forward to in January. Here are 3 things I wanted to tell you about ... 

1. I quit my day job to pursue my passion! YES, I did it! Building an amazing creative arts studio (both a physical space and unparalleled virtual workshop experiences) combined with the supplies and resources you need to learn your next favourite art/craft/hobby is my full-time focus starting in January! AND I'm also looking forward to making more art myself. Hurrah!

2. I'm offering online workshops starting in January. I'm dubbing them 'workshops for people that miss their people' (sign up with your BFF, your Mom, sisters, etc.). I have evening and weekend slots open on my website for you to book. I'm starting with mostly fibre workshops (weaving, crochet, rug hooking) but I will be expanding into paper, paint, soap and many other creative adventures so check back for other offerings regularly. Use code CREATIVE21 for 10% off all workshops. 

3. I have a fireplace in the studio now, as well as furniture, weaving looms, spinning wheels, paint, canvasses, yarn and more! Though we may not be able to come together in person just yet, I'm fitting up the space to offer you safely distanced, wonderfully engaging and colourful workshops in the new year. These WILL BE the perfect distraction to this winter we're living. Of course, my focus right now is on virtual class offerings and I'm working to get a lot of those options in the calendar to help you beat your boredom and feel better by making stuff by hand. Please bookmark my website and check back often for updates. Or follow me on Instagram @intheply or @plystudio613

Please share this info with anyone you know that might need some creative inspiration and a way to connect this winter. We truly are all in this together and building each other up will bring positivity and light to our communities - wherever these may be. 

- Carmen xo

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