Clean. Reuse (in your art). Sleep. Repeat.

Have you been doing a little more spring cleaning than 'normal' this year? Cleaning and purging are making us feel better in this moment. It's something we have control over. It has an immediate benefit in reducing our stress and anxiety. Much has been written about this, but I found this website this morning and think it is rather clever if you can get past the name.

My message today: As you clean and purge, consider transforming those discarded (and found) items into inputs for some great pastimes. 

I did the curation for you. Here are my top 6 picks for making old new again.


#1. Make your own t-shirt yarn and then knit and crochet all kinds of things out of it. (Photo/maker credit: Sustain My Craft Habit)

#2. Paint a mandala stone! (Photo/maker credit: Lydia Mae YouTube channel)

#3. Make 
natural dyes for ... Paper! Yarn! Fabric! (Photo/maker credit: Pop Sugar)

#4. Melt all those little crayon bits into something new. (Photo/maker credit: Martha Stewart)

#5. Make your own 
soap! (Photo/maker credit: Getty Images/The Spruce Crafts)

#6. Make a rag rug with old fabric scraps! (Photo/maker credit: Master Sergeich YouTube channel)

Stay well. Stay creative.

- Carmen xo

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