Time, oh time. Why is there never enough?

Is it just me or are people stuck in a repetitive loop of answering the question ‘How are things?’ with ‘BUSY!’ Yes. We know. We are all busy. 

Let's get on with the more interesting part of the conversation: In all this busy-ness, are we making time for the things we love? Are we making time for creative things?

I’ve written on my blog about how we seem to have trouble taking time out to do something creative. It slips down the task list to somewhere between ‘clean the cat litter’ and ‘organize the freezer’. 

When I talk with people about time management, it seems no one has a clue (save a precious and genius few) how to manage their most limited resource … time. We give it away freely and often without asking too much in return. If you work in an office, you may be at the mercy other people’s plans for your day by way of the calendar invite. 

So, here are my 3 tips for how to take back control of your time so that you can spend it making more art:
  1. Use a Notes app on your phone to write or dictate your ideas into. Keep a note for random thoughts, one for blog posts you are in the midst of writing, another for daily stream of consciousness writing (see this article about The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron if you want to know more about this amazing habit builder). I commute on foot so I don’t have the ability to write while walking, but I have been known to dictate an entire blog post to my phone while truckin' along. 
  2. Say 'NO' more. To a meeting, to staying at the kiddie birthday party when you could have just dropped off, to time you are giving away that could be used for getting creative. And don’t feel bad about it. Believe me, everyone will wonder what your secret is and how they can do more of that, too! 
  3. Begin anywhere (but put it in your calendar). I love knowing that in order to get anything done, it just takes a start. Some of my biggest projects started with just dedicating 15 minutes a day. Do it right now: Put 15 minutes in your calendar everyday for 'creative time' or whatever you want to call it. Make it happen until you have built a habit.

For more on making time for creative ventures by getting more productive with your time, check out this article from one of my favourite magazines, Fast Company. It’s really all about working smarter, not harder. Mantra!

Enjoy the rest of February and the fact that we get one extra day this year to make the most of! 

- Carmen

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