What happened to Ply Studio?

Just this morning, a nice partner of a soon-to-be-weaver pulled up at my old Studio space on Crichton, looking for a package he was instructed to pick up. He sat on the stairs leading down to the old Studio, perplexed. 

The package wasn't there. 

The call went out. "It's not here". My phone rang. The package? Just where I had left it. At my new studio space AKA my home, just around the corner.

Problem solved. But.

I realized I have been a little silent over here since moving out of my studio space known as Ply Studio in early April. Some believe I'm still there.

And while I slowly transition all the things and places where that old location shows up (Google searches, my website, social media, people's memories, etc.), I thought it was time to talk about that space and tell you about how you can continue to be part of my world. 

If you visited Ply Studio over the last 2.5 years, thanks for stopping by. If you had planned on visiting but never quite made it (I get it), this is not the end of my creative business. 

Moving out of my studio space was a natural progression in my business. It was always part of my plan. I had never intended to have a physical space (especially a 1,200 square foot one) for as long as I did, actually.

Truth is, more and more of my work is going digital and virtual (I'm talking digital courses, online workshops and even a podcast - coming soon!). Also, I'm working with an increasing number of teams in their corporate habitat (aka boardrooms). So, the need for my studio space has been diminishing steadily since last summer. 

Though I loved having all the space to spread out my spinning wheels, looms and fibre supplies, the reality was that I really didn't need all that space. In fact, when I wasn't running a workshop or holding an event, the studio felt lonely. 

Also, my business has changed a LOT since I officially launched the Studio in late 2020. While I originally planned for a full slate of arts workshops and events taking place around the clock, the pandemic (and my energy reserves) had other plans.

Here's the other thing: running a business means you need to have an audience AND solve a problem they have.

While I've been steadily building my audience, I've had to do a whole lot more education on the creative wellness side than I ever thought I would have to. I mean, I thought EVERYONE knew that making stuff by hand could make you feel better (not kidding here; it's a foregone conclusion for me, but it turns out it is NOT for others).

So now, as my business continues to evolve, I have my focus squarely set on only 3 things, which I am freely sharing them with you here because I want you to join me... 

1. Creative team building experiences, like corporate creative arts workshops, modern workplace learning based activities & creative mindset activities. Wondering what the #%%## all of this means? Email me {carmen at plystudio613 dot com}. I'd love to start a conversation with you and design something specifically for you and your team. Get your boss to pay for your creative time! It's possible and I can show you how the 12 other teams I've worked with so far have done it.

2. Digital courses, workbooks and other free & paid resources, all centred on creativity and creative wellness. I offer up a lot of free content to inspire and unblock your creativity. I also have paid programs like "6 Weeks to Creative Wellness" and "Your Simple Creative Summer" (opens for enrollment June 12th!).  If you want to know more about this and jump in to experience the wonder and wellness that you will feel, get on my email list to be the first to know when it opens and get one of the limited edition supplies kits to get your creative making all revved up for the best summer to come! 

3. A podcast. More details on the title, topic and launch date are coming soon. All I will say at this point is that it's been on my 'reach for it' list for awhile and I'm finally making it happen and I couldn't be happier about it.

Now, if you've read all of this and are really just wondering "where the heck we are meeting because I'm registered in one of your upcoming workshops?", then this next bit is for you.

They will take place in and around my home - primarily on my beautiful deck and in my nicely appointed sheltered outdoor spaces, as well as in neighbourhood collaboration spaces and wherever you might want me to show up (yep, I can come to you!). I send out an email to all registered guests a few days before each event.

Following my passion and purpose as a creative business owner has been one of the greatest (and most challenging) rides of my life. Teaching others to tap into their creativity in order to feel well has been a joy. I love this ride I'm on. I hope you'll join me in one of my courses, team-building events or pop-up workshops soon. 

Create, be well, be nice to others, do good in the world.

- Carmen xo

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