6 Weeks to Creative Wellness Digital Course

6 weeks to creative wellness digital course

Enrolment is now open!

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This digital course will ...

  • Get you nodding your head when I ask 'anyone want to feel better 'round here??'

  • Bring you along for the creative ride of your life! Yes, you will learn 7 incredible creative projects (my mostly highly rated projects, to boot!) and I will even pop in a few bonus workshops, too!
  • Provide you the best tools to organize and simplify the spaces around you (including your mental space) in order to invite in your creativity (full force!). 

  • Help you carve out dedicated creative time and learn new skills that will make you feel well when you didn't think it was possible to fit anything else into your outrageous schedule.

  • Boost your strategies to move, connect and become more mindful in support of your newly surfaced creativity while committing to action you will actually keep.

    More details about the 6 modules, bonus materials, additional surprises and as much creative JOY as I can pack inside this incredible offering are available HERE.

    I hope you will join me inside this powerhouse digital course.

    Questions? Reach out! carmen@plystudio613.com