6 Weeks to Creative Wellness!

6 weeks to creative wellness digital course

Carmen's new digital course is in the works and will be launched in spring 2023:

6 Weeks to Creative Wellness: Take a break, refresh your creativity & feel better

In this course, you will find the courage to take a break from your day job, enjoy devoting 6 weeks to nurturing your creativity and go back to work refreshed and more balanced. 

How do I know it's possible? I did it! Twice! 

Topics that will be covered include: 

  • What exactly IS a creative leave and why is it important to your personal and professional career path?
  • How to get permission to take a break (and how I did it twice!)
  • A look into the types of leaves that have been taken through the ages (gap years, sabbaticals and even pre-baticals!)
  • My best tools, tips and tricks for finding your creative spark (yes, you have one and we will unlock it!)
  • Make-along sessions for my highest rated projects (plus an option to have me send you the sweet supplies kits)
  • Accountability and commitment tools that will keep you on track
  • Interventions that you can try when you lose your way (or get burned out again)


Stay tuned to my emails (and sign up through the opt-in below if you haven't already as I'll be offering a BIG discount to my loyal email subscribers), social media and this page for updates. 

I can't wait to share this offering with you soon!