6 Weeks To Creative Wellness (Digital Course)

6 Weeks To Creative Wellness (Digital Course)

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6 Weeks to Creative Wellness: Take A Break, Refresh Your Creativity, Feel Better (Digital Course)

Important Note: Get all the details AND sign up HERE.

 If you are …

  • A corporate employee that’s been at ‘it’ for awhile;
  • A mid-career professional that has a solid job, good experience but feels some remorse that ‘this is it?’;
  • Someone who constantly puts their creativity ‘on hold’ in order to do their ‘real’ work;
  • A rule follower that chalked up a bunch of degrees, took a great job offer right out of the gates and has never really taken a break; 
  • A self-described people pleaser that puts everyone else first with never enough time left for yourself ... 

You’re in the right place!

Creative Wellness is right for you if you want to feel more enthusiastic about your day, your opportunities, your life.

You want to take a little break from your day-to-day but the thought of taking a family vacation doesn’t seem to be the right kind of break.

You need some YOU time - time devoted to exploring things that will fill up your cup … creatively.

Creative Wellness will give you the tools, inspiration, guidance, support and indeed, COURAGE, to take a creative break from your day job.

Get all the details and sign up HERE.