Handspun Yarn

Handspun yarn is a unique and luxurious treat for any fibre lover (and often for those that don't know a thing about yarn, too). 

My yarns are one of a kind and made in small quantities. If you require more of a yarn you like, please ask! Or if there is a colour you'd like but don't see here, let me know. I do custom orders.

About my yarn-making process:

I create all my own handspun yarns on a Majacraft Aura spinning wheel in my home and studio in Ottawa, which is pet-friendly and smoke-free (of course ... do we even have to say that anymore?). 

My yarns go through a number of processes before they appear here for sale:

  • I choose the fibres or fleece or fabrics that I want to create a yarn out of;

  • I prepare the fibres/fleece/fabric for spinning by combing or carding them;

  • I sit down at my spinning wheel to create my first ply yarn, which is sometimes as far as I go ... but more often ... I twist it back in the other direction with another yarn or thread (which is called 'plying');

  • I remove it from the bobbin;

  • I wash it;

  • I hang it to dry;

  • I measure it;

  • I photograph it;

  • I create a listing for it and then ...

  • You fall in love with it and buy it for your next amazing project! 

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