It's Not Too Late. Virtual Gifts They'll Actually Like.

Oh-oh. Only about a week until Christmas and still a lot of 'ticking' left to do off your list?

I've done a bit of searching myself because I'm a procrastinator on the gifting front. In my search, I've found all kinds of GREAT gift ideas that are virtual (or mostly) and offer a variety of cool experiences or products that I just know a bunch of my peeps might like. Yours, too?

Here are 11 things you can gift with the click of your fingers right now!

  1. Top of my list is ALWAYS an Uppercase magazine subscription. It is a Canadian, ads-free, beautiful magazine created by an amazing woman named Janine Vangool in Calgary. The tagline of the magazine is 'for the creative and curious' and I'm sure you have someone on your list that you can gift this to (and then 'borrow' it from the next time you are over at their place!).
  2. Help them learn all kinds of new things through a Coursera membership. There are even a ton of free classes to get their feet wet!
  3. Send a KiwiCo subscription box to all the little people on your list this year. They are fun, educational and offer something to look forward to after December 25th.
  4. Get them a wine membership through Halpern.
  5. Help them fix up the room that you see on all your Zoom calls through Modsy.
  6. For the dancers on your list, how about an Ailey Extension dance class?
  7. Astrology reading, anyone? 
  8. For those that are interested in going deeper on their family history, an Ancestry membership might be just the thing.
  9. Planta's app touts the promise 'Never Kill A Plant Again' and I've heard great things about this one! Gift your burgeoning green thumb the Planta app
  10. Go to a virtual concert together!
  11. Fix their golf swing

    And of course, I'm not going to create a list like this and NOT plug my own offerings through Ply Studio. We have a bunch of upcoming workshops (some are virtual) that offer much-needed creative time and connection to some handmade wellness. If you aren't sure which one to choose, how about a gift card? And I'll send a sweet little handmade surprise to you in the mail, too!

    Good luck with the rest of your shopping. But remember, the magic of the season isn't in buying more STUFF, it's in making things by hand (even Santa's elves know THAT!). 

    - Carmen xo

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