The thing I can't seem to spend (enough) time on.

I have something to admit. It's about something I can't seem to spend (enough) time on.  And it's not what you think it's gonna be. 

Ok, wait. What do you think it's gonna be?

I mean - this could be ANYTHING.

It could be that I can't seem to spend time meditating. 
It could be that I can't seem to spend time enjoying my coffee when it's still warm.
It could be that I can't seem to spend time cleaning the cat litter box.

It could be ALL of this ... but why would you care about any of those things? And what does any of this have to do with Ply Studio and the (likely) reason you signed up to receive my newsletters?

Here's the truth ...  the thing that I can't seem to spend time on is telling people what I'm good at. It's like I just expect everyone to know. That they can just SEE it (without, of course, 'seeing' it as we stay apart).  

But it turns out that in order to run a business and ESPECIALLY one where I teach people stuff, I have to blow my own horn. A lot. Like, way more than I am comfortable with. 

So, I have been blowing away (on the Instagramophone) and challenging myself to put out videos that are not perfect. Photos of myself where I might have bags and wrinkles taking centre stage. Things that show me as I really am: imperfect and challenging myself to learn everyday.

And with each imperfection that I put out there, I sweat a little. I send up a little prayer that I'm not judged too harshly. And that you can buy-in to the type of business I'm  building - a creative arts studio with all these 'off the beaten track' workshops and events that you can't find anywhere else. I'm inviting you along for the journey.  Sometimes it's messy and the video quality sucks.  #sharetheuglystufftoo

Do YOU tell people what you're good at? How? Do you share it in social? Do you write it up on your LinkedIn page? Do you drop it into regular conversations at the playground? 

How do we let one another know what our strengths, gifts, expertise is? Without others thinking we are so full of ourselves? Or that we are bragging? 

So here is the practice: try telling just ONE other person, today, what you are good at. And not in a show-off-y way. But with a real intent to share and perhaps provide them value by letting that other person know that you have a gift for something. Maybe instead of just telling them SHOW them what you're good at. 

Let's see if we can start a revolution of "bragging better" - of sharing what we are in all our real/sometimes embarrassing/sometimes weird glory.

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  • Love this, Carmen! ♥

    Roberta Lloyd

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