It's so .... January. Here's some light.

Whether you are one of those friends that have a warm winter vacation planned in September (nice work) or actually love the snow and cold that our Canadian winter delivers in spades (I’m writing this on the heels of receiving ~15cm of snow yesterday here in Ottawa), I salute you. As we get older, I think we start to identify either as a ‘winter person’ or not. I like some aspects of winter (skiing is one), but I don’t like the darkness of these months between December and March. Either way, I think it's good to know which one you are: winter or not? 
So, as I was working on my website today, I was thinking about colour and light and how much better I feel when I choose to focus on the light. So, I’m sharing a couple of my favourite images of late, in the hopes that this hits you on a day when you, too, are looking for some light. I’m with ya, friend. 
leave a little sparkle
little girl weaving
flags over Sayulita

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