Creative spa session, anyone?

For a few years, I've been pretty jazzed on this idea of sending myself to camp.

When I first started to spin yarn, I looked high and low for a place to go (a.k.a. a retreat or aforementioned camp) and just learn, play around with fibre and connect with others that were interested in the same. For an entire weekend.

It was really hard to find. In fact, I never found a place and therefore, didn't take that retreat.

 I swore that one day, I would create my ideal retreat. And that it would be so amazing that others would sign up too. And there would even be a waitlist. And nice food. And wine. And late night dance parties.

Little by little, I'm designing that experience. But it starts with excelling at smaller offerings. Like workshops. No sleepovers required.

It's my mission (and that of all the artists/makers/instructors I work with) to build creative experiences that you will feel good about taking part in. I know you're busy and your time is limited. That's why you NEED an exceptional workshop experience. (And one day, a retreat.😉)


  • Content & overall project
    • You will be delighted to learn something new at just the right pace! AND with a finished project you will ACTUALLY like!
  • Materials
    • We curate great supplies and have them waiting for you in your personalized work space (or we'll send them to you if we are meeting virtually) so that you don't have to do anything but show up.
  • Community & inspiration
    • The folks that take workshops at Ply are THE BEST PEOPLE (that's you!). So you can be reasonably assured that you will enjoy the company of those that are in the workshop with you. We are all here to inspire one another!
  • Atmosphere in the Studio & on the patio
    • If you have the pleasure of taking a class here with us this fall, you will enjoy sitting comfortably (2 metres from others) in our outdoor patio area, where heaters, blankets, cushions, lighting and music are all part of the experience. 
  • Care & attention to the smallest details
    • From registration to follow-up, we take care of all the little things that will make you happy and at ease.

When you attend a Ply Studio workshop, I want you to feel like you have booked a creative spa session. Doesn't that sound great?

I want you to put yourself and your creative wellbeing in your calendar. I've got some great ideas for you over on my Workshop page. See you on the patio this fall!

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