5 Challenges to Spark Creative Genius

Here are 5 things you can do today to spark your creative genius!

1. Check out all the FREE patterns on one of my favourite resources for all things knitting and crochet: Wool & The Gang!

2. Read (or listen to) The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and then take yourself on an artist date!

3. Listen to the Creative Pep Talk podcast with Andy J. Pizza (BEST last name, EVER!). Start with this episode!

4. Buy yourself an amazing new dress, shirt, pair of earrings, bag or some other fabulous find while supporting small, local businesses (like my fave Flock/Workshop boutique). I find that wearing something interesting just makes me feel more creative right away!

5. Breathe. Bend. Do some Yoga with Adriene.

Increasing your creativity isn't hard, it just takes some prioritizing. I find that most anything that gets me off my screen and into a different perspective helps.

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you take up any of these challenges! Do you feel just a wee bit more creative as a result?

- Carmen xo

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