"That Name You Can't Pronounce" (handwoven tapestry; 25cm x 60cm; 2020)

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Hello! My name is "That Name You Can't Pronounce" and I measure 25cm x 60cm. I came into the world in 2020. I am made of macrame rope and cord, merino wool yarn and roving, cotton thread and yarn, mohair locks and OOAK In The Ply handspun yarn. 

My inspiration for this tapestry was striving for the eclectic and ensuring that with each row that I wove, I would feel bright, happy and curious. I hope you feel the same when you look at this piece. 

My tapestries are one of a kind and woven on my own handcrafted, maple looms (also for sale in my shop) in my studio in Ottawa. Each piece is lovingly created with attention to the smallest details. If you like elements of this piece, but want to talk to me about a custom commission, please reach out to me.