"Most Of Us Have More Than We Need" (handwoven tapestry; 22cm x 60cm; 2019)

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Hello! My name is "Most Of Us Have More Than We Need". I weigh in at a beautiful 22cm x 60cm. I am the perfect mix of upcycled textile, cotton rope, metallic fibres, and handspun yarn.

This weaving began when I spotted an amazing thrift store dress that I knew would never look as good on me as it would on my loom. And as I shredded it into pieces to weave, only then did I see the messages in the dress: ‘most of us have more than we need’. It is a wonderful reminder to be grateful and tread lightly. And it couldn't be more perfect for a woven tapestry to grace your space. This piece came together rather quickly once I chose the colour palette to accompany the dress. As always, I enjoy texture, colour and elements of delight and surprise - so this piece checks all those boxes.

My tapestries are one of a kind and woven on my own handcrafted, maple looms (also for sale in my Etsy shop) in my home in Ottawa. Each piece is lovingly created with attention to the smallest details. If you like elements of this piece, but want to talk to me about a custom commission, please reach out to me.