"I Didn't Think I Was Going to Love You So Much" (handwoven tapestry; 24cm x 50cm; 2019)

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Hello! My name is "I Didn't Think I Was Going To Love You So Much". I weigh in at a beautiful 24cm x 50cm. I am the perfect mix of a vintage dress from an Ottawa consignment store, white t-shirt, multicoloured merino from a small yarn dyer in Nova Scotia, my own OOAK In The Ply handspun yarn (the sparkly/purple/pink thick & thin yarn in the fringe), hemp warp thread, and a knitting needle from my own stash that lost its partner many moons ago.

This tapestry incorporates as many found, recycled, upcycled, reclaimed fibres as I could squeeze into it. And it was a wonderful experiment all the way through the 18 hours it took to create. Her name is “I didn’t think I was going to love you so much” because, well, I didn’t.

As always, I enjoy texture, colour and elements of delight and surprise - so this piece checks all those boxes.

My tapestries are one of a kind and woven on my own handcrafted, maple looms (also for sale) in my home/studio in Ottawa. Each piece is lovingly created with attention to the smallest details. If you like elements of this piece, but want to talk to me about a custom commission, please reach out to me.