Pack a bag and take a summer break (even if only to your backyard)

Grab a loom, some fibre, and one of my weaving tutorials and you have the BEST AFTERNOON ever! These supplies will go with you to the beach, the campfire and the deck. Perfectly mobile art-making that you will pick up easily and never want to put down! 

Not sure what to choose? Reach out to me! I'm here to help!

Weaving Loom - 14" x 18", handcrafted, maple

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Luscious Fibre Packs


'Made In The Shade' Weaving Kit

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'Made In The Shade' Weaving Kit including loom

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Made In The Shade Weaving: PATTERN & VIDEO


Frame Weaving Starter Kit (Landscape Edition)

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Sassy Singles Merino Weaving Yarn

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Ashford Warp Cotton - 5/2, 200g

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Ply Studio Gift Card

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